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eine Inspirationsquelle und ziemlich umfaßende Sammlung aktueller Web-2.0-Logos.
Eintrag vom: Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007 ID: 754 Klicks: 816 Link defekt?

Laurent Olivares - Simply Creation
Laurent Olivares presente Simply Creation, creation de communication papier, site internet, photo etc... Venez decouvrir tout ce que j'ai fait pour les autres et ce que je pourrais faire pour vous.
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Blue Vertigo
Web Design Resources Links. More than 1.000 links: Fonts, Stock Photography, Photoshop Brushes, Vector Clip-Art, Logotypes, Patterns, Icons, Sounds, Color tools, Text Generators, Poser Downloads (free and comercial) and the Design Contests around the world.
Eintrag vom: Montag, 29. Oktober 2007 ID: 781 Klicks: 759 Link defekt?

Pixel Mana - Providing Quality Aesthetic Resources
Pixel Mana is geared to be a primary source for Photoshop tutorials as well as anything else that helps you grow aesthetically. In addition to Photoshop tutorials, we will be providing other free resources such as vector graphics, textures, Wordpreß templates, and tips/advice on how to better yourself as a web/graphic designer. Design has infinite potential and it is our hope that we contribute in your path to finding it.
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39 Photoshop Button Tutorials You Should Have in Your Arsenal
Your website navigation plays an integral role in keeping your site easy to use and navigate. Button tutorials are useful because you can take the techniques you like from a tutorial and use them to make your own custom buttons to match the site your working on.
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Web Creme - Web design inspiration
web design inspiration
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E Logo Design
This is E Logo Design's list of best logo inspiration resources on the internet, plus 4 books. If this doesnt unblock your creativity, then it may be time to take a holiday and come back to work next week
Eintrag vom: Freitag, 2. November 2007 ID: 788 Klicks: 791 Link defekt?

Go MediaZine
Exclusive insights for art, desing and marketing. Learn more about graphic design, web design, running a busineß, etc. Brought to you by the designers at Go Media.
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In den vergangenen Jahren bis heute haben sich nun ca. stattliche 1600 Quellen und Links für Webworker und Webdesigner angesammelt. Daher habe ich beschlossen, die besten und interessantesten Einträge demnächst in Form eines kleinen eBooks als Arbeitsbegleiter und Nachschlagewerk zum (Gratis-)Download zur Verfügung zu stellen.

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